Cleanliness is an integral part of Snellman’s quality

The traditional meat producer relies upon its detergent supplier. This close collaboration ensures an uncompromised level of production hygiene.

Snellmans Köttförädling Ab is a family company in Jakobstad which has been producing top quality meat and pork products for 60 years. Hygiene of the highest quality is vital in the processing of raw and cooked meat. Detergents used in the production facilities are supplied by Kiilto.

“We have close and effective tripartite collaboration between Kiilto, Touch Puhdistuspalvelu and Snellman,” says Mikael Snellman, QEHS Manager at Snellmans Köttförädling Ab.

Kiilto not only supplies the products but also trains Snellman’s personnel in their appropriate use with a minimal environmental impact.

“They show us how to achieve the best results with their cleaning products, but they also take people’s health and safety into account. The staff’s well-being is an important factor.”

Kiilto equips Snellman’s production facilities in Jakobstad and Ulvila with the required detergents. The facilities are cleaned daily, and the production area in Jakobstad alone is approximately 70,000 square metres. Meat boxes, buggies and pails as well as sausage ovens are also cleaned regularly. Barns and slaughterhouse transport vehicles, among other things, require special cleaning services.

Environmental development work

A technical expert from Kiilto visits Snellmans Köttförädling’s premises monthly. Joint development projects are constantly in progress. Water conservation is an important aspect in Snellman’s development work.

“We have sought out new cleaning methods and nozzles that use as little water as possible, for instance. In production, washing and disinfection is required everywhere. Foaming devices are used when moving between facilities with different hygienic requirements to disinfect shoes and forklift tyres,” says Mikael Snellman.

Water conservation is an environmental act, but the excessive use of water can also cause practical problems in the production facilities. Condensation and moisture cannot exist in the same area as electrical devices.

“I am particularly impressed with Kiilto’s proactivity,” says Mikael Snellman. “It seems like they can always come up with an idea for development when they visit us. Their expertise is very solid.”

Snellmans Köttförädling and Kiilto are both family businesses and they have common values.

“It matters to us that our partners are Finnish. Through our partnerships, we are able to promote Finnish business activities,” says Snellman.

“Of course, the most important thing is that the detergents are good, suitable for us and that the level of quality can be maintained.”