Cleaning between dental patients – see the steps on our video

Cleaning between dental patients ensures hygiene so that microbes do not transfer from one patient to another. The cleaning involves disinfection of surfaces and replacement of used instruments with fresh ones. The most important things are general hygiene, patient safety and occupational safety.

On our video, Riitta Peltonen (dental nurse and nurse, Turku University Hospital) describes the procedure for cleaning between dental patients step-by-step.

Steps of cleaning between patients

  1. Remove rubbish.
  2. Perform an intermediate rinsing for 30 seconds or according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Suction approximately 1 dl of water into the suction unit.
  4. Pretreat used instruments with Hydragel pretreatment product and deliver them to tool maintenance.
  5. Take a suitable number of pads for disinfection and coat them with Easydes disinfectant cleaner.
  6. Wipe down the table surfaces, drawer handles, the chair, the light handles, instrument tray, used turbine, contra angle, boost and suction unit.
  7. Replace the pad when moving from one surface to another.
  8. Maintain good hand hygiene

Products used for cleaning between patients

Hydragel pretreatment product prevents the dirt from drying on the instrument surfaces and the microbes from growing.

Easydes disinfectant cleaner is suited to all surface materials that need disinfection in dental care.

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