Changes to the Erisan Pro range of creams

The Erisan Pro products for professionals by Kiilto have been updated with a new look. Erisan Pro products protect and nourish even the most sensitive skin, and the product line is proven safe and effective. In addition to the new appearance, the range of Erisan Pro creams will be updated with new packaging options in February 2019 to make it easier to select the right product.

The new Erisan Hydra Cream is a long-lasting, powerful moisturizer that leaves the skin feeling soft and wellgroomed. Flexible, moisturized skin feels good and tolerates external stress better. The second novelty of the series, Erisan Protect, is a more protective and treating skin cream. The base cream is fuller than the moisturizer, but it spreads easily on the skin and is well absorbed. The range of new creams and pack size options replaces the previous Erisan Cream, Erisan Protective, Erisan Moisturizing Cream (Erisan Kosteusvoide) and Erisan Base Cream (Erisan Perusvoide) products.

In a professional environment, healthy skin is the foundation of good hygiene. Skin creams prevent various skin problems and the skin from drying out. They also protect it from chemicals, dirt, moisture and other external stresses. In the development of new creams, these properties have been the guiding principle from the beginning. When used regularly, skin creams maintain good skin condition.

This year, we at Kiilto are celebrating our 100 years in business. Our passion for detail was the foundation of the new Erisan Pro creams – made for professionals, by professionals. We aim to continuously develop and renew our offerings, boldly heading into our next decade.


A powerful, protective moisturiser that leaves the skin feeling soft and well cared for. The cream has a long-lasting moisturising effect. Flexible and moisturised skin feels good and is more resistant to external stress.


Protects the skin from external stress (from contact, humidity, chemicals, dirt, etc.) and locks in moisture, preventing dry skin and other problems. The cream is richer than the moisturiser, but still spreads easily and is absorbed quickly by the skin.