Changes to our selection of surface disinfectants

Our selection of surface disinfectants is changing. The Kiilto Oxy 300 and Kiilto Oxy Spray disinfectants will be replaced by Tevan Panox 200, a ready-to-use disinfectant manufactured by the Dutch company Tevan BV.

Tevan Panox 200 uses the same active ingredients as our previous Kiilto Oxy 300 and Kiilto Oxy Spray products: hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid. The only change is in the concentrations that have been optimised for typical disinfection needs. The product is provenly effective against bacteria, yeasts, moulds and viruses, including noroviruses. The product is residue-free and hence suitable for surfaces that may come into contact with foodstuffs. One user benefit is the milder scent of the product compared to Kiilto Oxy 300. The new products will be available in May.

This change is due to the EU registration of biocidal products. We wish to provide our customers with effective, safe and competitively priced products. The package sizes will remain the same and the labels will feature the familiar Kiilto layout.

Tevan Panox is available in 750 ml spray bottles with one-litre and five-litre containers also available. For more product information and user instructions, please see the product’s web page.

Tevan Panox 200 product codes and package sizes:

Product codePackage size

41061 6 x 750 ml Comparable to 41060 Kiilto Oxy Spray 100
8071 6 x 1 l Comparable to 8070 Kiilto Oxy 300
80556 1 x 5 l Comparable to 80555 Kiilto Oxy 300

Interested? Contact your local distributor. Would you like to know more about the product? Our cleanliness and hygiene specialist will be happy to tell you more.