Change in brand name — Sitomelt has become Kiiltomelt

Kiilto’s Sitomelt and Kestomelt hot melt adhesives have been given new names and packaging. The Sitomelt and Kestomelt product ranges can now be found under the name Kiiltomelt.

The latter part of the product name, usually a serial number, will remain the same. For example, Sitomelt 1540 will be called Kiiltomelt 1540. Similarly, Sitomelt 2535 will become Kiiltomelt 2535.

New, more durable packaging

As part of the revamp, the paper packaging of hot melt adhesives will be replaced by plastic. Plastic bags are more resistant to punctures, reducing the risk of damage during transport.

In addition, unlike paper bags, plastic bags do not release dust, which can cause blockages in items such as the filters of hot melt equipment. Plastic bags are made of polyethylene, which enables cost-effective waste recycling when recycled separately.