Blocking air leakages & harmful emissions – Kiilto at the Indoor Air 2022 conference on 12–16 June

Indoor Air 2022, the 17th international conference of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality & Climate, will be held this year in Kuopio, Finland. Kiilto will be there at its own stand to highlight solutions for blocking air leakages and harmful emissions.

Kiilto is a chemical industry company that develops and manufactures building materials, among others. Indoor air quality is an integral element in the development of their solutions.

“We discuss indoor air quality and factors contributing to it regularly with our stakeholders. As Kiilto is a developer of building materials, customers naturally turn to us for insights and solutions that can help them deal with the challenges they face,” says Kiilto Product Manager Saana Leppänen.

Kiilto is also responding to these challenges by several means. Kiilto provides its own training for customers on indoor air matters, and takes an active part in development projects in the industry along with other construction industry players.

Perhaps the most prominent response, however, has been the development of new product ranges.

“We launched our own solutions a few years ago for both sealing and encapsulation. We started with the Finnish market, and demand for our solutions has been growing steadily. By now, many in Finland are well aware of Kiilto’s sealing and encapsulating solutions,” says Leppänen.

Sealing and encapsulation are certain to be the hottest topics at the Kiilto stand at the Indoor Air 2022 conference. There will also be a demonstration for visitors to see in practice how Kiilto’s solutions are implemented.

Come and meet our experts at the stand:

Saana Leppänen, Product Manager

Mika Ronkainen, R&D Manager

Tanja Starck, Designer Service Manager