Block transmission routes with hand hygiene – wash your hands properly!

Good hand hygiene, i.e. careful hand-washing and disinfection, is the most effective way to prevent the transmission of various diseases and thereby protect yourself and your loved ones.

Unwashed hands always contain bacteria and viruses that are transferred from the hands to surfaces and from there to other hands. Good hand hygiene is achieved by taking good care of hands so that the skin, nails and nail folds are healthy and unable to collect bacteria and viruses.

Kiilto has long participated in preventing infections and developing challenging hygiene solutions for Finnish health care. Our continuous product development and research ensure cutting-edge and high-quality products. We work in close cooperation with customers, authorities and experts in the field to achieve the best solutions for infection prevention. Our expertise has been a part of Finnish health care for over 50 years.

Instructions for hand-washing and disinfection

Rub hands with soap for 15–30 seconds, rinse under running water and dry carefully. If the hands are not visibly dirty or if water is not available, disinfecting the hands with antiseptic hand rub or disinfecting wipes is enough.

It is especially important to remember to wash or disinfect hands after blowing your nose, sneezing or going to the bathroom as well as before meals or handling food products.

How to wash hands:
1. Apply washing liquid to wet hands and rub fingertips against the opposite palm.
2. Rub the palms against each other. 
3. Rub the fingers against each other.
4. Rub between the fingers from the back of the hand.
5. Rub both thumbs separately.
6. Rub the fingers against each other, curled in.

How to disinfect hands:
1. Apply two pumps (3–5 ml) of hand rub into dry hands.
2. Start spreading the hand rub onto your palms, then fingers and then every part of your hands.
3. Rub your hands together carefully for 30 seconds or until dry.

Always wash or disinfect your hands:

  • after coughing, blowing your nose or going to the bathroom
  • before eating or handling food products
  • after coming home.

Instructions with pictures

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