Biathlete Jessica Rolig heading for international success

Jessika Rolig, 21, started skiing at the age of 5. Ten years ago, she gave biathlon a go and was hooked straightaway. The young athlete is now touring biathlon events in Finland and Europe. Jessika is on her way to the very top of her sport, with the backing of Kiilto.

“Kiilto has long been committed to supporting promising young athletes. It fits our culture as a family business perfectly,” says Ville Solja, Chief Business Development Officer at Kiilto .

“Jessika is a positive and determined athlete who works incredibly hard to achieve her goals. She is an excellent role model representing the future of winter sports, which are very important to Finns. As a sport, biathlon requires endurance, precision and ability to focus on the essential. We feel that Kiilto and Jessika have a lot in common. It is easy to support her values because we share them,” Solja says.

“As an endurance athlete, I see great value in Kiilto’s long-term commitment and perseverance in carving its niche as a Finnish company on the international market. Therefore, collaboration with Kiilto feels natural,” Rolig says.

Rolig also finds it important that the company that she represents takes sustainability very seriously.

“Looking after of our environment is essential for my sport because I train and compete in the midst of nature every day,” Rolig points out.

Setting the goals high

Collaboration between Kiilto and Rolig goes back a long way. The two have been sharing their path towards success for several years.

This year, Rolig has been competing in the IBU Cup events in Norway and Switzerland, among others. The young athlete has set her goals high, and she plans to compete and represent her team and country in the biggest international venues in the future.

See what Jessika Rolig’s season looks like:

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Ville Solja
Chief Business Development Officer