Better results with a friend

According to Tomi Takala, development work at Kiilto is a continuous, ongoing process.

Last week, I heard one of our customers thanking our Regional Manager for Kiilto’s contribution to their core operations—and not for the first time. The Kiilto laboratory had developed a more functional solution for this customer’s process. The result was an even higher-quality end product that could be produced more efficiently than before.

These kinds of achievements are what our work is all about. It benefits both partners when our customer’s everyday operations become more efficient and adds a little to their bottom line.

We see our customers as partners who are gaining access to a significant additional resource: Kiilto’s vast expertise and experience in adhesives and gluing. The customer knows their own business better than anyone. On the other hand, we know how our services and products can fit into that business best. The customer’s challenges are addressed by the Kiilto technical team, which offers a combination of solid theoretical knowledge in the field of chemistry, practical experience and insight into the customer’s processes and needs. Kiilto is a Finnish supplier that has close relationships with its customers and is a committed and flexible partner.

Adhesives are bigger than their reputation

My grandfather used to say that there was no point in ruining something by fretting over the little things. However, this is exactly what can happen if the wrong criteria are used to select the adhesive for a process. Companies have to make significant commitments regarding the quality and functionality of the end product. These promises should be built on a solid foundation.

Evidently, not every company can be well-versed in the features of different adhesives or the new products available on the market and nor should they have to be. This is one aspect where companies should seek a partnership and invite an adhesive specialist to become involved in the process. Our core mission is to help our customer companies to succeed and develop further in their own industries.

Here at Kiilto, we know about the latest innovations in our field. The operating environment is constantly changing, which creates new needs both for us and our customers. I believe that adhesives and the know-how related to them can be seen as a strategic success factor in industrial production processes, even if adhesives seldom play a key role in material purchases.

The reverse logic applies as well: The value of the services provided by Kiilto can be measured through the problems avoided. If there are problems with the end product or its production, the price tag can often be huge.

Development work here at Kiilto is a constantly ongoing process. The newest area where Kiilto is applying its vast expertise in the field of chemistry and focusing its research efforts, consists of creating new, safe, flame-retardant products. The first products are already available, and we are still continuing the development work in collaboration with our partners.

Tomi Takala, Business Area Director, Industrial bonding solutions, Kiilto