Better indoor air with Kiilto Kisu and Kiilto Kisu BT

Kiilto’s established products for treating stone and tile floors and mosaic concrete floors have received the M1 rating!

The M1 rating indicates low emissions of a product. It is aimed at promoting product development of low-emission materials and thereby improving indoor air. Good indoor air requires consideration of air quality issues in all stages of design, construction and use.

Kiilto Kisu BT is a basic treatment for mosaic concrete and concrete floors as well as porous tile and natural stone floors. It mechanically fills the material’s pores and prevents the absorption of dirt.

Kiilto Kisu – The stone protector is an impregnating agent that is easy to spread and forms an invisible and effective protection for stone floors. It does not leave a film or make the surface slippery. Dries quickly.

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