Best service for planning a construction project

Kiilto’s construction team expands its services. Tanja Starck is now responsible for developing the collaboration between Kiilto and designers.

Tanja Starck, Construction Engineer, has started as a Project Manager at Kiilto Construction. Miikka Suppula, Sales Manager, explains that Kiilto already has extensive experience in collaboration, especially with contractors and construction companies. However, Starck will focus on collaborating with designers.

“In the past, Kiilto didn’t had anyone who would concentrate solely on working with designers. Now we want to invest in this group too. We will help designers with any problems and needs they might have.”

The goal is to make the designer’s work as easy as possible:

“We want to ensure that we try to find the best solution for everyone during the early stages of each construction project. With the right solutions, we will save time and money and reach the best possible outcome for both the developer and the end user”, Suppula emphasises.

Extensive experience

Tanja has versatile experience in construction and comes from a strong designing background.

“I graduated in Turku in 1996. Initially, I set up my own design office. Then I took other jobs, including as a design engineer for ThermiSol Oy, where I participated in an element construction project in the industrial, office and sports construction sector. I’ve also worked as a project manager and supervisor for Vahanen Oy during line reconstruction projects in the metropolitan area, and as a site engineer for YIT in Helsinki.”

Tanja joins Kiilto from SFS Intec Oy, the Finnish office of the Swiss fastening system manufacturer, where she was involved in the development of building fastenings and finding solutions to problematic situations.

Moving full steam ahead

Tanja thinks that construction is a challenging line of business.

“Economic situations vary, all parties involved in construction projects are busy with jobs and schedules are tight. In this field, we move full steam ahead.”

“However, I like the fairness and frankness of building. It is also great to be involved in developing working methods that are more efficient and reliable, as well as high-quality products that improve working processes. ”