Automatic adhesive application boosts productivity

FinDoor, Finland's largest maker of folding doors, uses Kiilto's new 3K-PUR adhesive solution.  

The first game-changing FinDoor product was completed precisely thirty years ago. The Jaara brothers, who founded H.Jaara & co to transport timber products, decided to make their own folding door after being unable to find anything suitable for their facility.

”Truck drivers visiting the facility fell in love with the door and ordered a similar one for themselves. The word soon got around. We became door makers,” reminisces CEO Tauno Jaara.

Since then, FinDoor’s folding doors have been installed in locations around Finland. They are used in places such as agricultural buildings, fire stations, maintenance halls, car washes and other challenging, special locations.

FinDoor has a subsidiary in Sweden. It will begin the manufacture of folding doors in Canada in the summer of 2019.

But what is so special about FinDoor folding doors?

”The doors are easy to use, simple and user-friendly. They are sturdy but light. They are not demanding on the wall structures,” Jaara sums up.

Slow and fast adhesive 

FinDoor has been collaborating with Kiilto for many years. In 2017, it began using the 3K-PUR adhesive solution tailored for it by Kiilto.

Timo Ahonen, Regional Manager at Kiilto, explains that the solution, which includes both slow and fast polyurethane glue as well as hardener, has been tailored to provide a precise fit with FinDoor’s production process. During door production, thermally insulating material is sandwiched between sheet metal cladding.

”A slow adhesive, i.e. one requiring a long open time, is used at the start of the process. Then a faster adhesive is used when the assembly is close to the heated press,” Ahonen states.

According to Tauno Jaara, the firm has had positive experiences of the new adhesive solution. Another important aspect is the system’s automatic applicator:

”The automatic adhesive applicator has boosted our production. Before its introduction, gluing had been only half-automated for several years – mixing of the adhesives was automated, but the rest was done mechanically.” 

Doors open in America

Tauno Jaara says that the journey will continue:
”We are continuously improving our products and production processes in cooperation with machinery manufacturers and Kiilto. To guarantee quality, we will invest in automation in particular.”

He believes that Kiilto has the right attitude towards research and development. 
”We may not be the biggest user of adhesives in the country, but Kiilto is always ready to listen to our preferences and tailor solutions specifically for us.”

And what about that exciting idea of starting production in Canada? Is the company aiming to conquer the American markets?
”Well, the idea has occurred to us,” says Jaara.

He mentions that most of the machinery for the Canadian plant will be supplied from Finland.
”Kiilto is also involved, designing adhesive solutions.”