As effective as ever, now more environmentally friendly – improved HC38 Cleaner

Developed for removing industrial and workshop dirt from the skin, the HC38 Hand Cleaner washing cream will become even better in spring 2018. Effective against heavy stains, HC38 now includes a new ingredient: gently abrasive corncob flour – a natural, environmentally friendly alternative to microplastics. The improved product continues to provide excellent washing performance and rinsability.

HC38 Hand Cleaner is ideal for sites where the skin is exposed to heavy dirt. Such environments include repair shops, workshops, paintshops and printing houses, for example. This washing cream can be used with water or without, in which case it is massaged into the hands and removed from the skin using a paper towel. The product contains jojoba oil and aloe vera, which condition and moisturise the skin.

The improved HC38 Hand Cleaner will become available in April 2018. Visit the product page for more information. You can find your nearest retailer here.