Analysis services related to asbestos and other harmful substances exceeded the expectations of Maalaamo Vernissa

Kiilto has a new analysis service related to asbestos and other harmful substances which helps to identify possible harmful substances on construction sites. Maalaamo Vernissa Ky from Kuopio tried the new service and were filled with confidence.

According to Finnish law, all sites completed before 1994 must be surveyed for asbestos before demolition or renovation work can be started. In addition to a survey, an asbestos analysis carried out in a laboratory is often needed to provide evidence that the materials used in a building are safe and clean. Surveys for asbestos and other harmful substances are important because they affect work safety, planning and costs. Materials that contain harmful substances also greatly influence the quality of indoor air.

Reliable results from the laboratory

Kiilto offers analysis services related to asbestos and other harmful substances to its business clients. The analyses are carried out in an accredited laboratory to ensure the reliability of the results. You can place an order on Kiilto’s website by filling in a form. After you have placed an order, you can submit the samples to a collection box in one of Kiilto’s regional warehouses, have them delivered by Matkahuolto in accordance with separate instructions, or have Kiilto collect the samples from the site. You will get the results via text message within 24 hours.

Fast, flexible, and easy

Maalaamo Vernissa is a full-service painting firm. Its professional painters have over 30 years of experience in the field. The company collaborates with leading material suppliers in the market, which ensures that the very best results are achieved. Maalaamo Vernissa offers painting services for interiors and exteriors, in addition to asbestos surveys, comprehensive asbestos removal services and numerous services. The company belongs to the Pintaurakoitsijat ry association, which guarantees that Maalaamo Vernissa is a reliable partner and produces high-quality results.

Supervisor Kari Miettinen from Maalaamo Vernissa has delivered more than 20 asbestos samples to the Kiilto laboratory, and he has been very pleased with the service.

“The service has been excellent – it has exceeded our expectations many times over! Ordering the service is easy and fast. In addition, we can deliver the samples quickly and easily, at least here in Kuopio, because Kiilto’s regional warehouse is near, so we don’t have to queue at the post office.”

The company has delivered material and air samples to Kiilto from a variety of public and residential buildings. In their opinion, text messages are an effective and modern way to receive the results.

“Getting the results via text message is very convenient, because you always have your mobile phone with you. I can’t access my work email on my mobile phone, but now that the asbestos results are sent directly to my mobile phone, I’m able to forward them faster to the sites we are working on. This way we are able to tell our customers quickly when demolition work can start. Air samples in particular need to be analysed quickly,” Miettinen says.

Thanks to the speed, ease and flexibility of the service, Maalaamo Vernissa continues to order analysis services related to asbestos and harmful substances from Kiilto.