Absolut Company donates ethanol to Kiilto for hand disinfectant production

The Absolut Company and Kiilto are joining forces to combat coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Swedish Absolut Company Ab, which produces Absolut Vodka, has donated a significant amount of ethanol to KiiltoClean Ab to produce more hand disinfectants for the Swedish healthcare sector.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the demand for professional hygiene and consumer products has increased significantly and Kiilto has stepped up the production to meet the evergrowing demand. However, due to very high needs from all countries worldwide, it has been difficult to get hold of enough ethanol needed for the production of disinfectants.

– The donation from The Absolut Company is extremely valuable for Kiilto. It helps us keep up the pace in production and eliminate time loss due to lack of raw material. In hard times like these we need to join forces and help each other as much as possible to make sure that the healthcare sector has what they need in order to do their very important job, says Patrik Hene, Country Director of KiiltoClean Ab Sweden.

Paying it forward

 The amount of ethanol that is being donated by the Absolut Company is significant,  and Kiilto will be donating an equivalent amount of money further to charity. We haven’t decided the exact target yet, but it will be something that benefits those people that suffer economically from the on-going pandemic, says Hene.

The truck left from Absolut Company’s factory in Åhus on the 20th of March in the morning and arrived to Kiilto’s factory in Assens, Denmark later that day.

Kiilto is currently producing disinfectants around the clock to meet the needs, but unfortunately even that is not enough. It is vital that the healthcare sector gets all the disinfectants it needs and therefore, Kiilto is prioritizing its healthcare customers and other contract customers in this regard.



For more information, please contact:

Eeva Solja
Brand and Communications Director
+358 50 502 0501

Patrik Hene
Country Director
KiiltoClean Ab Sweden
+46 (0)72 225 38 85