A well-maintained floor will last longer

The correct maintenance and protection of floor materials not only extend the life of the floor, but also improve its appearance and make maintenance cleaning easier. Good floor maintenance can cover up wear and tear marks and prevent dirt from sticking.

The approaching summer offers an excellent opportunity to perform maintenance work at your facilities. For example, various public facilities, such as schools and offices, should be scheduled for polishing during general holidays.

The right products for different cleaning stages

You get the best results simply, efficiently and safely when you use the right products for specific stages of the floor’s maintenance. Optimal products for each stage are available for floor polish removal, polishing and maintenance. Professional Kiilto Pro products are developed and manufactured in Finland with a focus on sustainable choices, without compromising quality.

1 Removing old polish

When the floor surface is so worn out that it would be impossible to reach the agreed cleanliness level with regular maintenance cleaning, it is time to remove the old floor polish and recoat it. The floor polish remover is chosen based on the surface material, amount of polish and how layered it is. Kiilto offers three different efficient polish removers for professionals. Kiilto Pro Floor Polish Removers

2 Polishing

When the floor is clean and dry, it can be treated with protective agents. Polishing reduces wear and tear, makes cleaning easier and improves the appearance and qualities of the surface material. Kiilto has developed a series for professional use only, Kiilto Silk, suitable for the standard and partial polishing of all floor surfaces. Kiilto Silk floor polishes are durable, easy to use and safe. A floor polished with Kiilto Silk is easy to maintain. Kiilto has also developed specific protective agents for stone and concrete surfaces, as well as a friction polish suitable for wet areas, stairs and lobbies. Kiilto Pro Floor Polishes

3 Maintaining a polished floor surface

To maintain the beautiful surface of a floor, we recommend treating the floor with floorcare agents during maintenance cleaning or during a periodic maintenance polish. A floorcare agent can be used alternately with a standard cleaner, depending on the use of the floor. The use of floorcare agents makes maintenance cleaning easier by smoothing out wear and tear marks on the floor and preventing dirt from sticking to the surface. Kiilto Pro Floorcare Agents

Kiilto has a strong group of professionals who will be happy to help you and tell you more about our products and methods. Get to know our professionals and discover the one closest to you.

Our professionals also provide training. For example, we offer training for successful polishing. Ask for more details!