Kiilto Pro WX 3070 – Ideal for veneering and bonding high-pressure laminates with a heat press.

All the properties needed for superior performance

• Ultra-low formaldehyde
• Stain-free
• pH-neutral
• No discolouration
• Super fast

Up to 90% less formaldehyde

Safety with less formaldehyde.

The formaldehyde content of the Kiilto Pro WX 3070 is up to 90% lower than commonly used adhesive products. This means safer production and responsibility for the use of the product throughout its life cycle.

pH-neutral and stain-free

A veneer-proof adhesive that does not cause discolouration.

Kiilto Pro WX 3070 is pH-neutral. The adhesive layer binds the base material to the surface veneer without penetrating the veneer. When used on oak veneer, for example, the adhesive enables a high-quality lacquer quality.

Kiilto Pro WX 3070 is also colourless, making it excellent for unpainted pine end products as well.

Super fast

More efficient gluing process.

The shortening of the pressing time and the uniformity in the surface treatment significantly increase production efficiency throughout the gluing process.

Recommended by customers


At Isku, we continually strive to make our products safer and of higher quality. This benefits both our own production and end users.

All quality improvements are more than welcome! The pH neutrality of the D3 adhesive gives the advantage that the adhesive does not come through the veneer, and the veneer does not discolour.

Antti Koljonen
Material and Production Management Manager
Isku Interior Oy

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