Easy management of cleanliness

With right tools management of cleanliness is easy and efficient. Digital development and dosing systems are part of Kiilto's offering.

Management of cleanliness includes different services and solutions that make working easier and more effeicient. For management of cleanliness Kiilto provides digital solutions and dosing solutions for different needs.

Hyginet® is a digital tool for monitoring hygiene.

With HygiNet® the hygiene plan, procudures and safety data sheets are always up to date and easily available for your personnel in all locations.​ You can read more about our Hyginet®  solutions here >>

Dosing solutions

The most beneficial way for cost-efficient and safe cleanliness is to dose correctly. Kiilto provides the full solution for any dosing need, whether it is a closed-loop system for maximum user safety or a manual system for quick and on-the-spot dosing based on immediate needs.​ Utilizing dosing systems will allow you to save costs via correct dosing for using just the right amount of detergent needed.  ​

Dosing solutions for foodservice include:​

  • machine dishwashing
  • easy and safe dosing of kitchen hygiene products
  • always the right dilution propotions
  • technical service and help-desk
  • possibility to adjust as the kitchen evolves

Dosing solutions for professional cleaning includes:

  • Easy and safe dosing of cleaning products
  • Option to make ready-to-use products whenever needed
  • Foaming and spraying systems

Make cleaning cheaper and safer by using the right amount of detergents

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Cleaning machines

Mechanical cleaning is in the core of surface cleaning, whether it is large lobby area or a public restroom. Utilizing cleaning machines will allow you to save costs via enhanced mechanical cleaning for greater efficiency. ​Kiilto provides solutions for both hard and textile surface cleaning.

Digital development

Kiilto’s digital hygiene plans include list of critical points to be cleaned as well as information on cleaning methods, cleaning frequency, cleaning agents and dosing.​ Hygiene plan is an essential part of kitchen self-monitoring. Kiilto’s specialists help you to customize your hygiene plan according to the needs of each location. ​We mainly provide Hygiene plans in electronic form.​