Cleaning spas and swimming halls

The detergents used in cleaning spas and swimming halls guarantee the high level of hygiene required by the facilities.

Kiilto Pro Spa and Swimming Hall Concept

Spas and swimming halls require a high level of hygiene. Quality standards have been set for the purity of the pool water, and authorities regularly sample the water. The hygiene and safety of the pool and washing facilities, saunas and dressing rooms is supervised through self-monitoring. If the surfaces are not properly cleaned, the number of microbes quickly increases to a harmful level in the warm, humid environment.

Large numbers of customers increase the amount of dirt in the humid facilities and the conditions make it easier for dirt to adhere to surfaces.The detergents in the Kiilto Spa and Swimming Hall Concept guarantee the high level of hygiene required by the facilities.

The products must have a high capacity for removing dirt and deposits. The detergents must be highly foaming, making it possible to let it rest longer on the surfaces for the best effect. Kiilto detergents for cleaning spas and swimming halls combined with excellent mechanics ensure the required level of cleanliness.

Foam washing method

Remeber to use proper personal protective equipment. In humid facilities use eg. protective gloves and shoes, protective apron, eye/face protection, safety harness and life jacket and respirator if necessary.

First, rinse the surfaces with water, starting from the bottom and using a low-pressure washer Then, foam them. Be sure to foam a small section so that it does not have time to dry. Brush/scrub the surfaces thoroughly, using mechanic methods whenever possible. Good mechanics is an important work stage. Rinse the surfaces with water from top to bottom. Finally, thoroughly dry all the surfaces.

Low pressure washers

In wet facilities, spreading the detergent solution onto the surfaces as foam is easier and more effective when using a low-pressure washer. A good low-pressure washer is easy to use and forms dry, durable foam. In the foam washing method, the detergent is spread evenly on the surfaces, guaranteeing that it is allowed to rest on the surfaces for a sufficient amount of time. Please note, however, that a low-pressure washer is no substitute for mechanics!

Foaming devices

Detergents suited for smaller spas and swimming halls and make it faster to spread the detergent and rinse the surfaces. The foaming device spreads the detergent evenly onto the surfaces, enhancing the effect of the detergent. Mechanics must not be forgotten when using foaming devices.


Hygicult TPC: For indicating the total number of bacteria. A simple, reliable method for monitoring microbiological cleanliness.

Orion Clean Card Pro: For measuring protein residue on cleaned surfaces. For testing and monitoring the effect of cleaning. Dampen-wipe-interpret, results in 30 seconds. 25 strips per package.