Tips for kiosk hygiene

Hygiene tips for kiosks and seasonal food selling services

Like other kiosks, ice cream kiosks are seasonal sales points where it can often be difficult to ensure a high standard of hygiene due to space constraints. Hygiene is still very important, however. We have compiled a list of the best products and most important steps to ensure all-round cleanliness.

Tip #1: use ready-to-use products to make work easier

There is often limited space in kiosks, and there may not be room or time for diluting detergents. Kiilto Superquick Spurt is a ready-to-use product that does not require rinsing off, and surfaces dry quickly after cleaning. The same product is suitable for countertops, glass surfaces and displays. Spray the detergent on the surface and wipe the surface clean with a Prima multi cloth towel, for example.

Tip #2: choose multi-purpose products

To avoid having large amounts of different cleaning products in the kiosk, choose products that can be used for a variety of purposes. Kiilto Neutra L is a mildly scented product for washing dishes and ice cream scoops by hand and for cleaning glass surfaces and all other water-resistant surfaces in the kiosk. In particular, regular disinfection of surfaces and equipment is essential to prevent viral infections. Kiilto Antibact is a highly effective unscented disinfectant detergent for disinfection of all kinds of surfaces.

Tip #3: use high-quality equipment

For the ice creams and other delicacies sold in kiosks to be attractively displayed, glass surfaces and displays must be washed regularly. Cleaning is easier and faster with the right equipment. The 18-litre Unger bucket has a handy holder for the dryer and window-washing tool. An Unger lint cloth and washer is an effective combination for washing even awkward glass surfaces ergonomically. Handy tools for cleaning loose dirt from floors in confined spaces are the Prima floor brush and dustpan and the Prima split rubber sweeper. All of these are suitable for storing in small spaces.

Tip #4: pay attention to hand hygiene

Good personal hygiene is always important to remember when handling food. The hands must be washed frequently enough with soap and disinfected as necessary (e.g. Erisan Soap, Erisan Etasept, Erisan Antiseptic Hand Rub). We also recommend giving customers the opportunity to disinfect their hands before eating ice cream or other foods by providing a hand rub at the counter, for example. Healthy skin is the best protection against viruses, and moisturising the hands (with Erisan Hydra Cream, for example) helps keep skin intact and fights pathogens. Disposable gloves can also be worn. Change the gloves often and always when switching from one work phase to another. Dirty protective gloves spread impurities and endanger the safety of employees and customers alike.

Tip #5: frequent testing determines hygiene standards

An important part of cleanliness is self-monitoring of how hygiene is being taken care of in order to address possible shortcomings immediately. Hygicult TPC is a Finnish surface hygiene test that meets strict quality assurance standards, providing reliable results quickly and easily. Orion Clean Card Pro has been developed specifically for assessing cleaning results and testing for protein residues on cleaned surfaces.