The right methods and proven effective products, that are selected according to the intended use, help in the fight against the coronavirus. Welcome to our COVID-19 database!

Kiilto’s experts have prepared instructions to help you solve the problems posed by the pandemic. On this page you will find a summary of all our professional hygiene solutions and current articles related to the coronavirus pandemic.

General hygiene instructions

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The coronavirus COVID-19 is an enveloped RNA virus which the most common disinfectants are effective against. In general, enveloped viruses are relatively easy to destroy if the disinfecting product is selected correctly and according to the intended use. It is important to ensure good hand hygiene, careful cleaning and surface disinfection. Taking care of hand hygiene is everyone’s responsibility and the easiest way to stop the transmission routes. The best way to ensure safe hand hygiene is to wash the hands with water and soap or using hand disinfection that is proven effective. Kiilto provides hand hygiene products that have been developed through customer testing in collaboration with healthcare experts. Our hand disinfections are designed for continuous use, so they do not dry the skin even if used several times a day.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 a lot of new disinfectants and brands have come to the market. To be able to claim that a product kills the coronavirus, it must have tested efficacy against enveloped viruses in accordance with EN 14476. EN 14476 is a European standard for testing the effectiveness of a disinfectant against viruses. It is a suspension test to evaluate virucidal activity and is carried out in accordance with a standardized procedure in an accredited laboratory.

In Kiilto’s professional hygiene product range, you find products for achieving and maintaining a good level of hygiene.

Need help ensuring hygiene in your own business? Contact a cleanliness and hygiene specialist in your area! You can also check our data bank for helpful information.

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