Seko dosing unit for washer-extractors
Dosing Device

Seko SKLR0015 dosing unit is suitable for automated dosing of textile washing detergents for washing e.g. mops and other cleaning textiles in washer-extractors. The dosing unit ensures correct dosing in the correct wash program, eliminating the need for the user to do this by themselves.

Seko SKLR0015 is compatible with any Kiilto all-purpose cleaner and Serto or Erisan textile washing detergents which are suitable for machine washing of textiles. The dosing can be programmed to last as long as necessary, despite the length of the control signal, and the signal can be also set to lock after a certain time period. More dosing is not possible while the signal is locked.

Programming and adjustment of settings is done digitally, allowing specific parameters for a specific purpose.




For automated dosing of textile washing liquids

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
1 x 1 pcs 4062379 6417964623796
102 mm
102 mm
127 mm
Net weight
0,52 kg
Power consumption
3,5 W
15 l/h
230 Vac signal