Lindhaus LW38pro
Scrubber dryer

Lindhaus LW38pro is an extremely handy and small, but very effective scrubber dryer. It is operated by cable, and is able to clean even larger areas with the cleaning width of 30 cm without having to take battery usage time into account. Suction squeegees are located on both sides of the brush, ensuring excellent drying result. Conveniently sized fresh and dirty water tanks are both located in one section of the machine, and easy to disconnect for filling, emptying and cleaning. Very low design of the brush unit makes the LW38pro world’s lowest profile scrubber dryer.

The cleaning efficiency of LW38pro is based on the outstanding rounds per minute of the brush and adjustable brush pressure. The machine retains the rpm levels of the brush constant, and therefore the result is always excellent regardless of the surface material.

Machines comes supplied with black cylindrical brush, two squeegees and antibacterial motor protection filter. As the Lindhaus Hybrids, LW38pro’s optional accessories include different brushes and squeegees for different purposes. Detaching the brush for cleaning or changing is easy, quick and is done without tools.



Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code
1 x 1 pcs L098534681
Working width
35,5 cm
38 cm
40 cm
140 cm
Suction width
35,8 cm
Net weight
10,6 kg
Freshwater tank
2,6 l
Dirty water tank
2,6 l
Operational efficiency
320-570 m²/h
Noise level
74 dB
10 m
Brush rotation speed
1800 rpm
LW38pro cylindrical brush, black
Suction squeegee, 2 pcs
Spray extraction kit LW30-38