L 131 Virpi
Special Detergent for Whites

Perfumed special detergent especially for whites.

Special features

  • Low-foam
  • Highly soluble and rinsable
  • Especially for washing whites
  • Perfumed.




Special detergent powder for whites and colours. Developed particularly for washing whites in unit washing machines.


Solution pH: 11


appr. 900 g/l

Appearance and scent

White powder

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
1 x 20 kg 60131 6417964601312

Dry storage. Shelf life five years.

Instructions for use

5–20 g/kg of laundry

Environment and safety

The surfactants are biodegradable. The packaging can be recycled as combustible energy waste.

Ingredient Effect
Anionic surfactants (< 5 %) Particular soil removal.
Soap (< 5 %) Soil removal and defoaming.
Sodium metasilicate (< 5 %) Keeps the pH at a level which is suitable for cleaning.
Polycarboxylate (< 5 %) Soil dispersing.
Non-ionic surfactants (5-15 %) Greasy soil removal.
Oxygen based bleach (sodium percarbonate) (15-30 %) Removes coloured stains and bleaches white laundry
Phosphates (15-30 %) Increase water-softening and washing efficiency.
Other composition

CMC, brighteners, enzymes, corrosion inhibitor and perfume