Kiilto Valusuojakangas

Thick polypropylene filter cloth to be used in separating the floating smoothing compound floors from the substrate.




Kiilto Valusuojakangas cast separation cloth is a polypropylene filter cloth to be used in the separating of the cast smoothing compound layer from the substrate. Kiilto Valusuojakangas cloth is used together with Kiilto Lasikuituverkko fibreglass mesh for the building of floating smoothing compound floors.
Subfloor must be sufficiently solid and sound. Can be laid on, e.g., concrete, construction board, polystyrene, hard mineral wool or wood. Remove any irregularities from the substrate. The surface must be dry, and the concrete's relative moisture below 90%.

Instructions for use

Long sides of Kiilto Valusuojakangas cloth must overlap each other 200 mm at the minimum. Lift Kiilto Valusuojakangas cloth from the floor level on vertical structures approx. 100 mm. Fasten the upper edge of the cloth with a tape on vertical structures at regular intervals. Pay extra attention to in- and outside corners.
Pipes and other penetrations must be isolated from the screed with cellular foam pipe insulation pieces.

Roll size 2.1 m x 50 linear metre 
Roll weightapprox. 19 kg
Material100% polypropylene, UV stable 
Weight136 g/m2


Additional information

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