Kiilto Grip
Tackifier adhesive

Tackifier adhesive for all kinds of removable floor coverings. Short tack-up time and develops a permanently tacky film. Covering can be removed later if required; the adhesive washes off easily.

Special features

  • short tack-up time
  • permanently tacky film
  • roller or trowel application
  • very economical 6–12 m²/l




Tackifier adhesive for all kinds of removable textile and vinyl floor coverings and tiles in dry indoor areas. Has M1 Emission Classification for Building Materials.

Notching of trowel
Notching of trowel
Package Size EAN Code
10 l 6411511008104
Application temperature

+18–25 °C


6–12 m²/l

Density/specific weight

approx. 1.2 kg/l

Frost resistance


Package sizes

10 l


In unopened containers, above +1°C, for 1 year. After long storing, stir before use.

Substrate humidity

concrete: max. 3.5 w-% or 85 % RH


Acrylate copolymer

Instructions for use

Suitable subfloor is an even, dry and dust-free levelling compound, construction board or existing flooring. We recommend smoothing the concrete substrate with a suitable Kiilto low-alkali levelling compound, which reduces the risk of damage in the covering or adhesive due to excess alkaline moisture. Ensure before installation that the existing flooring is properly bonded to its substrate, that all wax residues are removed from the surface and that it is suitable for gluing.

Apply Kiilto Grip to the surface using a suitable tool. If using a roller, Kiilto Grip can be thinned with water max. 20% by weight. Adhesive's film tackiness depends on the porosity of the subfloor and the amount of adhesive used. Allow to dry to a tacky film and lay the covering according to the manufacturer's instructions, Floor coverings are installed as per normal, but the adhesive surface must be tacky before the laying is carried out. Follow the floor covering manufacturer's instructions on the correct adhesive amount.

Kiilto Grip can be washed off by spreading alkaline detergent, e.g., water-diluted Kiilto Maalarinpesu wash (1 part Maalarinpesu and 5 parts water) on the adhesive. Let take effect, remove the softened adhesive by hand or machine and rinse the surface with clean water. Porous substrates such as levelling compound or construction board can be damaged in cleaning. When washing off Kiilto Grip from an old covering, ensure that the covering can resist alkaline detergent.

Porous subfloors can be primed with thinned Kiilto Start Primer (1 part Start Primer and 4 parts water).

Additional information

The information given in this product data sheet is based on our tests and our practical knowledge. The technical data is defined in standard conditions. Variations in local working conditions and methods will affect the product performance and result. We guarantee the high quality of our products according to our Quality Management System. No liability can be accepted from incorrect use of the product or prevailing conditions, over which we have no control. Thus, we cannot be held responsible for the final result. The correct use of the product presupposes that the user has made him/herself aware of the contents of the working instructions and procedure guide, if provided.

Environment and safety

Avoid unnecessary skin contact and exposure with the fresh product, use safety gloves. Refer to material safety data sheet. For information on product and package disposal, visit

M1 emission classification for building material
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The Nordic Swan Ecolabel