F 19 Supe
Alkaline foaming detergent

Alkaline foaming detergent for light metal surfaces. Effectively removes grease and protein dirt.

Special features

  • Alkaline
  • The product has good surface moisturising ability and foaming capacity.
  • The product remains on the surface for a long time and provides a long-term washing effect.
  • Due to its diverse composition the product effectively emulsifies greasy and oily dirt and is suitable for all water-tolerant materials.
  • Particularly suitable for removing stubborn and burned on dirt.




For cleaning open surfaces in the food industry, primary production and kitchen.


Product pH: 10
Solution pH: 10

Appearance and scent

Clear liquid.

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
1 x 20 l 60160 6417964601602

Storage temperature > 3 °C

Instructions for use

1. Prewash with lukewarm water (approx. 30 °C).
2. Apply the foaming solution on the surfaces. Let stand for 20-40 minutes (washing temperature 20-55 °C).
3. Rinse off the dissolved dirt and foam with lukewarm or warm water.
Recommended dosage 2-5% depending on the level of dirt.

Environment and safety

Surfactants in the product are biodegradable. Clean, empty packaging materials can be recycled environmental safety or used in energy production.


A material and environmentally friendly product.

Ingredient Effect
Non-ionic surfactants (< 5 %) Removes dirt and lowers surface tension.
Anionic surfactants (< 5 %) Removes dirt and lowers surface tension.
Phosphonates (< 5 %) Softens water
Amphoteric surfactants (< 5 %) Removes dirt and lowers surface tension.
Monoethanolamine (< 5 %) Enhances washing, dissolves grease
Triethanolamine (< 5 %) Enhances washing, dissolves grease
Glycolether (< 5 %) Dissolves grease