“Smoother tile joints” – experts praise Kiilto’s next-generation tile grout

Kiilto has launched Kiilto Pro Core Tile Grout, specially developed for professional use. In response to their needs, the new grout is even more user-friendly and evenly coloured.

“The purpose of grout is to fill the joints between ceramic tiles. Since grout remains visible after application, its appearance is a crucial factor. Often, moisture from the structures brings salts to the surface, resulting in an unevenly coloured joint,” explains Kiilto’s RDI Manager Mika Ronkainen.

“When developing Kiilto Pro Core Tile Grout, we paid special attention to making it as user-friendly as possible, with a consistency that makes it easier to create evenly-coloured joints.”

An important factor in the final result is that Core Tile Grout does not contain any components that could lead to the formation of limescale.

Satisfied customers

One of the many customers who tested Kiilto Pro Core Tile Grout during product development was contracting company Raimatto Oy.

Ari Mark from Raimatto, the tiler who tested the new grout, says that it was pleasant and easy to apply.

“It was really nice to use, and I think it’s a better option for floor tiling than the previous product we used.  Kiilto Pro Core Tile Grout dries quickly and is easy to apply on the floor. The tile joints are smoother and look neat,” says Mark.

According to Kiilto RDI Manager Ronkainen, all the feedback on the product has been very positive.

“The colour and other properties of the grout were adjusted based on customer feedback. We received positive views about its application properties and appearance, among other things,” says Ronkainen.

Careful design and development

“Development always starts with the customer’s needs. We keep our eyes and ears open and react when we notice something we can do to either improve existing products or develop completely new ones,” says Ronkainen.

As he puts it, developing a new product is a lot like cooking. You have a recipe you want to try out. After the first tries, you complement the key ingredients as needed and develop the original idea further.

“Product development is a matter of trial, error and fine tuning. You try to make something new and experiment until it finally takes form, little by little.”

Once there is a product idea, clear goals are set for the product. This is followed by product development, a lengthy phase that ensures that the product meets the desired criteria. First, the product is tested internally. Then, it is given a trial run by professional customers and developed further based on their feedback.

Core Tile Grout completes the range

“The time spent developing new products varies. The development of Kiilto Pro Core Tile Grout was sped up by a semi-finished product obtained from another project that served as the starting point for the development and fine-tuning of the new product. The whole process took about a year,” says Ronkainen.

Kiilto Pro Core Tile Grout completes Kiilto’s range of grouts, which already includes Kiilto Lattiasaumalaasti (Kiilto Floor Tile Grout), the general-purpose Kiilto Saumalaasti (Kiilto Tile Grout) and Kiilto Epoxy Tile Grout.

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