Kiilto Robo – effective solution for milking robots

The Robo range is a Finnish, cost-effective solution for cleaning milking robots.

The product range has been built to meet the needs of modern robotic milking. The products have been developed and tested in cooperation with robotic dairy farms. The Robo range provides a comprehensive solution for the demanding cleaning of all leading milking robot brands.

The products of the range function normally at temperatures of 50–90 °C. Raising the temperature according to the normal washing circle (chemistry, temperature, mechanics, time) improves washing power. The content and dosage of the washing agent is always stated on the label (meets equipment manufacturers’ requirements).

Products in the Robo range:

  • F 2 ROBO E strongly alkaline non-foaming washing liquid
  • F 3 ROBO KE chlorine-based alkaline washing liquid
  • F 4 ROBO H strongly acidic washing liquid
  • F 5 ROBO D multipurpose disinfecting washing liquid
  • F 6 ROBO V ready-to-use iodine-based teat-dipping agent