Kiilto Pro – better service for professionals

To focus our strengths and better meet the needs of our customers, Kiilto launched a comprehensive brand study at the beginning of the year. The outcome is one, common brand Kiilto, with a new sub-brand Kiilto Pro for our professional customers that will bring together all our products and services for corporate customers.

Kiilto has also refreshed its near-iconic logo as part of the reform. Professional products, services and content will be easier to recognise from the new Kiilto Pro logo, derived from the new look. The brand is also supported by visuals aimed at professionals. Our customers will experience these changes as more straightforward customer service and a wider selection.

For Kiilto, the different business areas of a company are different stages in the same life cycle. The planning, new solutions and construction of buildings, for example, are followed up by facility cleaning and user hygiene. The same continuum applies to industry.

“Instead of dividing ourselves along the organisational boundaries of the Kiilto and KiiltoClean groups, we want to use Kiilto Pro to better promote our competence in all areas, from construction, industrial bonding and cleaning solutions, to professional cleaning and hygiene,” says Arja Seppälä, marketing manager at KiiltoClean.

This is echoed by Kiilto Oy’s marketing manager, Outi Jalo: “Although our communications have been built around the separate companies for a long time, our customers have seen us as one and the same Kiilto for years. It is about time we reflected this in our own operations.”

The reform will focus on communication and mindsets, and will not affect the legal structure of the Kiilto companies. The new logos and visuals will be phased in gradually. For example, a Facebook channel was created for Kiilto Pro in July to provide professionals with interesting content and topical information, the Kiilto retail design will be updated in autumn, and a transitional period of one year has been set for product packaging.

Kiilto respects its customers and operates in a fair and genuine manner. Our strong professional expertise, reliability, and comprehensive, safe and responsibly produced solutions have built partnerships for mutual success. Our cooperation with customers has also resulted in a great deal of development work to, for example, find solutions for local conditions.

“We are an innovative, specialised and reliable operator who will continue to put the customer first. We believe that this reform will allow us to offer more comprehensive service to our customers. We have a solid foundation that we can build new things on. You can trust us to remain honest and genuine,” say Jalo and Seppälä in summary.