A new special tile grout for professionals – Kiilto Pro Core Tile Grout

Kiilto Pro Core Tile Grout is a special grout designed for tiling floors and walls. Thanks to its special properties, Core Tile Grout allows professionals to achieve uniform, evenly coloured seams more easily and quickly than before.

When used together with ceramic tiles, tile grout has a prominent effect on the final look of the wall or floor surface. For this reason, the way the joints look is very important.

In addition to Kiilto Pro Core Tile Grout’s excellent product characteristics, the goal of being able to easily achieve a smooth joint was emphasised in the product design process. One component of this is that Core Tile Grout does not contain components that form efflorescence on the surface.

The product helps the user to succeed

The new tile grout has been developed to withstand external conditions better and achieve the desired properties faster than its traditional counterparts. The customer testing phase confirmed that these goals had been reached.

“We have received positive feedback from our customers regarding Core Tile Grout’s application properties and appearance, for example. The right composition was found as a result of approximately a years’ worth of development work,” says Kiilto’s RDI Manager Mika Ronkainen.

Kiilto Pro Core Tile Grout is suitable for grouting ceramic tiles and stone on floors and wall surfaces.

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