Operating policy

Kiilto Oy's operating policy

Kiilto Oy is a Finnish, family-owned company that manufactures chemical industry products and operates in Finland and abroad. We are building a sustainable future together with our customers. We are a specialist in chemical adhesives and structural solutions. Together with our customers, our goal is to offer high-quality, durable and responsibly produced solutions.

The customer is king. Understanding our customer's needs, exceeding expectations and creating a great customer experience are key issues for us. We engage in continuous dialogue with our customers in order to develop our operations.

We are committed to preventing, eliminating and reducing risks posed to the environment or health by our operations, products and services. We comply with all statutory requirements, official regulations and guidelines.

Kiilto Oy's employees are professionals who fulfil their quality, safety, social and environmental responsibilities. All Kiilto employees understand their responsibilities and objectives, are responsible for the quality of their work, and contribute to operational development.

Kiilto Oy's management are committed to continuously developing the company's operations, and enabling the fulfilment of its goals.

KiiltoClean Oy's operating policy

KiiltoClean Oy is a leading Finnish manufacturer of washing, cleaning and disinfection agents, and industrial chemicals. We aim to be the best supplier of hygiene and cleanliness solutions in our core region of Finland, the Baltic countries and Russia, and to further develop our retail business in Finland.

KiiltoClean's mission is "Wellbeing from cleanliness" and its guiding principles are as follows:

  • Localism and the fulfilment of customer needs
  • The desire to achieve and succeed
  • Responsibility now and in the future.
  • The will to renew and develop
  • Working together and appreciating/respecting others

We develop our products, production processes and practices by applying the best technically and economically viable technology and expertise. Alongside our customers, we are committed to anticipating, reducing and preventing the negative impacts of our operations, products or services on the environment and health. Our goal is to prevent environmental pollution and injuries or health problems caused by work in whatever way we can.

We are committed to fulfilling all legal and official obligations related to our products. We track legislation via various channels such as legislative services, advocacy groups and official announcements. We commit to maintaining our activities and quality management at an efficient and functional level.

KiiltoClean sets annual goals for its key environmental, occupational health and safety perspectives, and monitors their achievement.

Environmental focus areas include material and energy efficiency and product/service responsibility. Key occupational health and safety perspectives include chemical safety, accident frequency and sickness absences.

KiiltoClean complies with all environmental, occupational, health and safety legislation in effect, and other regulations and standards relevant to its operations.

It is involved in the chemical industry's voluntary Responsible Care environmental, health and safety programme. KiiltoClean also abides by the International Chamber of Commerce's charter for environmental development.

We engage in close cooperation with suppliers, customers, various chemistry industry organisations, and public officials.

We give our employees responsibility and opportunities to make a difference. We promote our employees' commitment to enhancing quality, environmental protection and occupational safety through training, by investing in safe practices, and via responsibility team activities.

Taking responsible account of the environment and occupational safety are natural, daily working practices at KiiltoClean.

Our operating policy is public and binding on all staff. We require that our raw material suppliers and other partners comply with the same principles.