EHS Insight Review 2018

KiiltoClean Oy: in our 2017 year of corporate responsibility, natural products were highlighted

Our key corporate responsibility achievement was the launch of our Natura product range. The renewable and biodegradable raw materials used in the products and packaging of this range have separate cycles. Kiilto Natura represents a step towards the cleaning technology of the future.

The combination of Natura products with KiiltoClean services, such as the Hyginet planning tool, is showing the way towards superior cleanliness: HygiNet is a hygiene planning service with which users can find all the hygiene planning information they need on a single, digital site. Cleaning and hygiene methods can also be explored quickly.

Our other product portfolio is still focused on Nordic (Swan) Ecolabelled and allergy-labelled products. The packaging of products is just as important as their development. During the period under review, we began a project involving the development of recyclable packaging for professional cleaning products.

Another packaging innovation was introduced at our new packaging line at the Hankasalmi plant, where greater automation has improved the quality of packaging work by reducing the ergonomic stress involved.

Kiilto Oy: innovations become solutions

Flame retardants invented at Åbo Akademi University have drawn widespread international attention. They can replace toxic bromine, which is widely used in products. However, there are no comprehensive research findings on the health and environmental harm caused by the use of bromine. Until now, there have been no effective alternatives to brominated flame retardants. We began to develop innovative flame retardants for the protection of wood-based materials in 2017. There are vast markets for toxin-free alternatives: we are all surrounded by bromine-based fire retardants.

A major heating technology renovation was also planned during the year. This will capture the waste heat from Kiilto's polymerisation plant in Lempäälä. The polymerisation process generates so much energy that it has already been used for heating the 800 square-metre polymerisation facility. However, the potential for using waste heat at the site is many times greater than this, since the entire chemical plant has a floor area of around 32,000 square metres. The renovation will enable the heating of almost the entire chemical plant on the basis of waste heat. The system was built and introduced in early 2018.

Kiilto invested in safety improvements in 2017. This is evident in the clear reduction in accidents.

We have joined the Zero Accidents Forum as a way of systematically improving occupational safety. The Forum shares tips, information and experiences and grants annual occupational safety categories, which member companies can use to monitor progress in their own occupational safety. More than 360 companies are already Forum members. In 2017, the Zero Accidents Forum granted Kiilto the 'Towards the Best in the World' classification.

Kiilto Oy & KiiltoClean Oy: corporate responsibility concerns everyone

A key project in the coming years involves the improvement of occupational safety by focusing on dangerous chemical substances and their reduction. Our project is part of the 'Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances' campaign 2018-2019, by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. We are also investing in safe handling by improving our extinguishing capabilities and discharge points. In addition, we are involved in the NuPro (Young Professionals in the Processing Industry) project by Tampere University. This involves research into occupational and process safety skills among young people, instruction processes for workplace-based training, and cooperation between companies and educational institutions. Lifelong learning and safety solutions are being devised for companies and educational institutions developing the workplace skills of students on vocational courses, particularly in the processing industry. The results will be published in October 2019.

We will develop our environmental responsibility in line with the 'Promise to the Environment' project begun in early 2018. We are focusing on four main areas: bio/recycling-based raw materials, recyclability and the bio/recycling basis of packaging, green service products and green energy (including electricity generated from renewable fuels, the capture of processing heat and the use of geothermal heat).

Our long-term efforts on behalf of a more responsible approach are already bearing fruit. This is shown by the awards we have won, such as the Most Inspiring Workplaces award presented by Corporate Spirit Oy. Corporate Spirit grants this award to top-scoring companies in its PeoplePower® employee survey. Kiilto came 15th and KiiltoClean 19th in Finland. The results of both companies had improved since the previous year.

Presentation of a certificate as Finland's Most Active Workplace by the Finnish Olympic Committee demonstrates the positive working atmosphere at Kiilto. This will enable us to achieve our goals.


Maija Blomquist, Environmental and Safety Manager, KiiltoClean Oy

Jyrki Tiihonen, HSEQ Manager, Kiilto Oy