Annual review 2018

Annual review 2018

At Kiilto, corporate responsibility consists of tangible acts guided by our strategy, which is based on our corporate culture and vision. In 2017, we reviewed our own operations once again, creating new tools for answering stakeholders' questions about the corporate responsibility aspect of our work.

Late last year, we began a corporate responsibility materiality analysis and impact assessment based on the GRI Standards reporting model. We also defined the principles underlying responsibility management, which guide our management and development of corporate responsibility going forward. A working group operating across our business areas developed our corporate responsibility activities; see this report for information on the results.

Two of Kiilto's business impact areas were strongly highlighted by the corporate responsibility impact assessment. The first was Kiilto's impact on the built environment. Kiilto's adhesives, waterproofing products, levelling compounds and fire retardant materials are part of the built environment in which we live, work and raise our children. Kiilto's cleaning agents are use in the same facilities in households, industry and hospitals. This encourages us to identify safer and more ecological and energy efficient solutions for our products and services.

Another observation concerned the international nature of Kiilto's operations. Kiilto's production, sales and supply chain now cover a wide geographic area. Expansion and lengthening supply chains have highlighted ethical matters ranging from combating corruption to human rights in the workplace. To clarify Kiilto's standpoint on its value chain actors in general, the company published a new Code of Conduct in the autumn of 2017. In this, Kiilto commits itself to ethical and sustainable business practices, and requires its partners to do likewise. Kiilto's Code of Conduct is available here.

The development of responsible business practices is a continuous process. While writing the text, we had already begun drawing up our own environmental responsibility promise for the future. Kiilto may be around a hundred years old, but it has the mindset of a startup: it is innovative, entrepreneurial and clearly responsible in everything it does. I think that, with this approach, we can continue to be the best operator in the sector.


Erkki Solja, CEO, Kiilto Family Oy