Kiilto has developed environmentally friendly flame retardants for various applications. The Kiilto Fireproof product family consists of products for the wood, paper and non-woven fabric industries. Thanks to our extensive product portfolio, we know a lot about flame retardant research, application and testing in these areas.

Flammability from a small flame (SFS- EN ISO 11925-1)

The test determines the product’s flammability from a small flame. The test determines the products flammability speed and fire progress in the test material. The test also includes visual observation of the product’s smoking and the creation of burning droplets running off the product. The method is used as one part of the test method for the construction industry’s fire-resistance ratings (B, C, D, E, Bfl, Clf, Dfl, BL, CL, DL, Efl and EL). A fire-resistance rating of E can be obtained for a material with a small flame test alone. The test is ideal for studying the burning behaviour of very thin materials, such as fabrics, corrugated board and papers.

Parquet burning test (SFS-EN ISO 9239-1)

The test measures the burning behaviour of flooring materials and the creation of fire gases. At one end, the flooring material is subjected to powerful thermal radiation and a gas flame. The test determines the following aspects of the ignited object’s flame front: rate of movement, smoke creation and the minimum thermal energy required to effect ignition. The method is used for the flooring material fire-resistance ratings A2fl, Bfl, Cfl and Dfl.