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A digital hygiene plan whenever you need it

Kiilto has developed the HygiNet® service for the creation and maintenance of digital hygiene plans. HygiNet® is a clear, intuitive tool designed to help you fulfil your statutory obligations easily and find hygiene planning information quickly from a single location. Why waste time filling in a printed hygiene plan?

Integrate hygiene planning with your daily work

HygiNet® eases our customers' work and makes hygiene planning a natural part of their daily routines. All statutory documents, material safety data sheets and product cards are available in printable digital format. HygiNet® also has detailed, location-specific cleaning instructions and methods: anyone from your company can check which products and tools to use in which location, and how often.

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Fresh, modern and easy to use

The visual design of HygiNet® can be customised to fit your corporate image. Users love the service's fresh and modern look in particular. Its best features also include intuitiveness and clarity. No training is necessary: with HygiNet®, you can start preparing your organisation's hygiene plan right away. Buy editing rights to update your plan effortlessly, whenever needed. Use HygiNet® on a tablet, computer or mobile device, just as you prefer!

A hygiene plan that is never out of date

With HygiNet®, finding the right product is easy because product information is always up to date. Dosage instructions are also easy to check. The fullest version of HygiNet® includes a wide range of materials: videos, releases and articles, and a front-page search function for finding information quickly.
Compared to printed plans, a digital hygiene plan has the huge advantage of never being out of date. You can keep your hygiene plan relevant by updating the content of HygiNet® and use it to prepare induction material and working instructions for your staff. As a HygiNet® user, you won't need to worry about whether your statutory documentation is in order – you can find it with the press of a button.



If you are using Fredman Pro, integration with HygiNet® is an effortless way of linking your cleaning plan to self-monitoring. Your staff can easily check the related methods, detergents and equipment from HygiNet, whenever Fredman Pro provides reminders of cleaning tasks. A single login for both services makes their combined use highly flexible.

Fredman Pro – say goodbye to worries, paperwork and missed tasks

Fredman Pro is a service developed in Finland for the digitalisation of self-monitoring. It is suitable for the management of both small and large commercial kitchens. With this service, you can eliminate pointless paperwork and switch to a mobile, online application, and digital measuring devices for recording self-monitoring data. Alerts ensure that your critical tasks are done correctly, at the right time. Self-monitoring data entries are directly saved via a cloud service, saving time and streamlining your work. Read more about the service here.

Are you using the previous HygiNet® version?

Plans saved in the previous HygiNet® version will be automatically transferred to the new version. Users will be provided with IDs for the new version. If you have any questions, please contact your area's cleanliness and hygiene expert.

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