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Washing of cleaning textiles in a washing machine

Washing of cleaning textiles with ASKO mop washing machines

Wellbeing from cleanliness can be achieved only through clean equipment.

Remove loose dirt from the equipment after every use. Dirt can be efficiently removed in a dust-free way with a mop cleaning machine which is attached to a vacuum cleaner. This prevents spreading dirt and dust in the indoor air we breathe.

Microfibers must be washed separately from the other textiles. If necessary, laundry bag can be used to sort out the laundry coming from different locations. Wash the cleaning textiles with either liquid or powder textile washing detergent designed for textiles. The KiiltoClean selection includes appropriate products such as Serto Green or Serto BioColor. Do not use softeners or bleach.

A mop washing or a laundry machine can be utilized also for pre-treating of the cleaning textiles. Depending on the cleaning equipment, add the cleaning or floor maintenance agent directly into the fabric softener compartment of the machine. The dosage of the agent can be also achieved via an automated dosing pump attached to the machine.

  • The washing temperature for cleaning textile most commonly varies between 60°C - 95°C. Depending on the product, microfiber cloths can be washed at 60°C about 300 times but can also be washed in higher temperatures. Depending on the detergent, the appropriate dosage is about half or one third of the usual dosing instructions.
  • Textiles can be washed hygienically in 40°C by using Kiilto Oxy Wash washing booster. 90°C temperature can alternatively be lowered to 60°C when using Kiilto Oxy Wash. In addition to Oxy Wash, add half of the declared dosage of Serto Green or BioColor.