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Processing service water

Cleaning or disinfecting a service water well (dug well) of a home or a summer house.

After cleaning, disinfecting and good rinsing, the water usually meets the quality requirements set for domestic water and can be used normally. A water analysis examines the properties of the water.

What is the quality of drinking water in your home or holiday house?

If the well water has been contaminated, the reason for the contamination must be discovered and removed before the well is cleaned.

Contamination may be due to unsound cover or wall structures, piping, water tank, incorrect formation of the well surroundings, etc.

Heavy rains and snowmelt increase the risks, such as surface water leaking into the well.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting a dug well is easy and affordable.
  • The well water remains drinkable when the well is emptied and cleaned every few years, depending on the size of the well.