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Scotch-Brite scouring pad

Scouring Pad

3M Scotch-Brite™ scouring pads are suitable for stripping of floor polish (brown), washing and removal of black marks (red, white) from most surface materials. Scouring pads are compatible with 80111 Prima flat mop, and the flat mop is attached to e.g. 175035 & 167713 Prima adjustable handle and Sappax profile adjustable handle. Colour coded: white, red and brown.


For washing of surfaces, removal of scratch marks and polish removal

Country of manufacture


Package Size

Product Code



1 x 10 pcs 38045   4046719976331 brown
1 x 10 pcs 38046   4046719976324 red
1 x 10 pcs 38047   4046719976355 white
Package Size
Product Code 38045
GTIN 4046719976331
Colour brown
Package Size
Product Code 38046
GTIN 4046719976324
Colour red
Package Size
Product Code 38047
GTIN 4046719976355
Colour white

Net weight (brown, red, white)

0,68/0,37/0,33 kg


117 x 254 mm