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Scotch-Brite melamine foam pad

3M Pad

3M Scotch-Brite™ melamine pad is meant for periodical use in removing of attached dirt and marks. Especially suitable for problem solving. Can be used on hard and porous surfaces, such as stone, ceramic tiles, terrazzo and quartz vinyl. Compatible with single disc machine and scrubber dryer (depending on the model and type). The melamine pad is manufactured by joining melamine sections together with an adhesive.

The melamine pad requires sufficient amount of detergent solution in order to function properly. Wash and rinse manually after use, not for machine washing. Durability of one pad is approximately 10 000 m² depending on the surface material and its condition.


For hard and porous floor surfaces, with single disc machine or a scrubber dryer depending on the model and type

Country of manufacture


Package Size

Product Code



1 x 5 pcs 38453   4046719684823 13"/330 mm
1 x 5 pcs 38455   4046719685523 17"/432 mm
1 x 5 pcs 38456   4046719739998 20"/508 mm
1 x 5 pcs 38454   4046719685462 14,5"/367,5 mm
Package Size
Product Code 38453
GTIN 4046719684823
Size 13"/330 mm
Package Size
Product Code 38455
GTIN 4046719685523
Size 17"/432 mm
Package Size
Product Code 38456
GTIN 4046719739998
Size 20"/508 mm
Package Size
Product Code 38454
GTIN 4046719685462
Size 14,5"/367,5 mm