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Prima nonwoven mop cloth roll 25x65cm

Disposable Cloth

Disposable mop cloth for all hard surfaces. Use with dry or damp method. Excellent removal of loose dirt and dust from surfaces before using a scrubber dryer or moist wiping. Works well with Kiilto Visionoil. Material mix of viscose and polyester, 40 g/m³. Recommended use in e.g. hospitals, health and medical centers, offices and veterinary facilities.


Kitchens, restaurants, hospitals, health centers, veterinary clinics, nursing homes, offices

Package Size

Product Code


1 x 1 roll 47211   6417964472110
Package Size
Product Code 47211
GTIN 6417964472110

Net weight, roll

0,66 kg


100 pcs

Cloth size

25 x 65 cm