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Kiilto Silicone Silikonimassa

Neutral silicone with M1 emission classification and anti-fungicide for movement joints and sealing of joints. Odourless. Excellent application and spreading properties. Matching colours with Kiilto Saumalaasti tile grout. Also for exterior use.

Special features

  • the first sanitary silicone with M1 emission classification.
  • service temperature-40°C...+150°C
  • contains antifungicide
  • available in six most used colours: transparent, white, marble white, grey, dark grey and charcoal grey.


Kiilto Silicone is a low-emitting, one component neutral silicone. Meets the requirements according to EN 15651-3:2012 standard. Not suitable for aquariums or natural stone, such as marble. For fixing toilet seat and mirrors, we recommend Kiiltofix Masa.


5 x 5 mm joint approx. 12 m/cartridge

Package Size


EAN Code

310 ml M00 transparent 6411513658314
310 ml M10 white 6411513659311
310 ml M39 marble white 6411513660317
310 ml M41 medium grey 6411513661314
310 ml M44 dark grey 6411513662311
310 ml M48 coal grey 6411513663318
Package Size 310 ml
Color M00 transparent
EAN Code 6411513658314
Package Size 310 ml
Color M10 white
EAN Code 6411513659311
Package Size 310 ml
Color M39 marble white
EAN Code 6411513660317
Package Size 310 ml
Color M41 medium grey
EAN Code 6411513661314
Package Size 310 ml
Color M44 dark grey
EAN Code 6411513662311
Package Size 310 ml
Color M48 coal grey
EAN Code 6411513663318


moisture-curing neutral silicone polymer

Density/specific weight

approx. 1.0 kg/dm³


available in many colours


Shore A approx. 20

Skin time

5–20 min. (20 °C, RH 50 %)

Curing rate

approx. 2 mm per 24 h and approx. 10 mm per week.

Working conditions

recommendation: +18–20 °C, however within the range +5–40 °C

Temperature resistance when dry

-40–+150 °C


5 x 5 mm joint approx. 12 m/cartridge


Store in a in a tightly closed original container in a dry, cool place (below +25 °C). See best before date on the package.

Instructions for use

Substrate must be dry, free from dust and grease. For filling the bottom of the joint, you can use closed-cell plastic.

Unscrew the cap from the extrusion tip, then cut open the cone. Screw the tip in place and cut to an appropriate size. Extrude sealant into the joint, then smooth immediately using a trowel or fingertip moistened with water. Once finished, leave the extrusion tip in place and close the cartridge properly. To facilitate cleaning, apply, for example, masking tape onto both sides of the joint. Remember to remove the tape right after application.

Always remove the old silicone from joints before applying new, and remove possible mould spots by using, for example, Kiilto Kodin Klorite according to instructions.

Environment and safety

Avoid unnecessary skin contact and exposure with the fresh product, use safety gloves. Refer to material safety data sheet. For information on product and package disposal, go to

M1CELEEDNordic Ecolabel