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Swan label4080 0002

Kiilto MD 10+ Green

Machine Dishwashing Agent

Efficient environmental friendly dishwashing liquid for professional use.

Special features

  • For medium hard and hard water conditions
  • Contains a high amount of complexing agents
  • Prevents forming of limestone
  • Nordic Ecolabel


Dishwashing detergent for medium hard and hard water conditions. Dosing by separate dosing pump.


Product pH 14
Solution pH 12

Appearance and scent

Clear, uncoloured, unperfumed liquid

Country of manufacture


Package Size

Product Code


3 x 5 l 63020   6417964630206
1 x 800 l 63034   6417964630343
1 x 20 l 63022   6417964630220
1 x 200 l 63023   6417964630237
1 x 10 l 63021   6417964630213
Package Size
Product Code 63020
GTIN 6417964630206
Package Size
Product Code 63034
GTIN 6417964630343
Package Size
Product Code 63022
GTIN 6417964630220
Package Size
Product Code 63023
GTIN 6417964630237
Package Size
Product Code 63021
GTIN 6417964630213


Storage in original packages at a temperature over + 5 °C. Shelf life 5 years from the manufacturing date.

Instructions for use

Detergent dosage begins from 0,3 g/l in water conditions 0-6 °dH.

Dosage begins from 0,4 g/l in water conditions over 6 °dH.

For extremely dirt dishes are recommended to prewash with lukewarm water before the main wash.

Recommended washing temperatures:

- prewash max. 35 °C

- main wash 60 - 65 °C

- final rinse approx. 85-90 °C

Always wash full loads, if possible. Use recommended doses. Avoid larger or smaller doses than recommended. Wash in the lowest water temperature which is hygienically guaranteed.


Not recommended for aluminium dishes.


Ingredient Effect
Polycarboxylate (< 5 %) Disperses dirt and deposits.
Phosphonates (< 5 %) Softens the water and increases the cleaning effect.
Sodium hydroxide (5-15 %) Emulsifies grease, removes dirt and dissolves starch and protein. Keeps the pH at a level which is suitable for cleaning.
Complexing agent (15-30 %) Softens the water and increases the cleaning effect. Prevents forming of limestone deposits in the machine.
Corrosion inhibitor Protects the surfaces and prevents the darken.
Swan label4080 0002