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Kiilto Masa fix and sealant

Kiilto Masa is a one-component, silyl modified adhesive sealant for gluing and sealing different types of mouldings and rails, construction boards, metals, glass fiber and different types of plastics in ship, boat and transport industries. Also suitable for sealing movement joints exposed to mechanical wear.

Special features

  • NSF registered: Can be used in areas where food is handled.
  • Good resistance against chemicals
  • Good resistance against weathering and UV-radiation
  • Paintable
  • Suitable for sealing inlets and floor drain in wet areas
  • In exterior areas, suitable for sealing penetrations in roofs and metal window sills.


Good adhesion on various stones, concrete, most metals, wood, glass and glazed surfaces as well as epoxy and polyester surfaces. For plastic materials adhesive tests are recommended prior to actual use. M1-emission classification for building products. Solvent-free – does not contain isocyanates or phthalates. Paintable with most water-based paints (always test before use). Very good resistance against weathering, good resistance against UV radiation. Good resistance against chemicals (weak solutions). Salt water resistant. Not suitable for glazing.


5 x 5 mm joint, approx. 12 m/cartridge

Package Size


Product Code

EAN Code

290 ml beige T2435.926   6411512435299
290 ml black T2433.926   6411512433295
600 ml black T2433.933   6411512433608
270 kg/200 l black T2433.200   6411512433202
290 ml brown T2434.926   6411512434292
290 ml dark grey T2432.926   6411512432298
290 ml light grey T2431.926   6411512431291
600 ml light grey T2431.933   6411512431604
290 ml oak T2436.926   6411512436296
290 ml red T2437.926   6411512437293
290 ml white T2430.926   6411512430294
600 ml white T2430.933   6411512430607
28 kg/20 l white T2430.020   6411512430027
286 kg/200 l white T2430.200   6411512430201
Package Size 290 ml
Color beige
Product Code T2435.926
EAN Code 6411512435299
Package Size 290 ml
Color black
Product Code T2433.926
EAN Code 6411512433295
Package Size 600 ml
Color black
Product Code T2433.933
EAN Code 6411512433608
Package Size 270 kg/200 l
Color black
Product Code T2433.200
EAN Code 6411512433202
Package Size 290 ml
Color brown
Product Code T2434.926
EAN Code 6411512434292
Package Size 290 ml
Color dark grey
Product Code T2432.926
EAN Code 6411512432298
Package Size 290 ml
Color light grey
Product Code T2431.926
EAN Code 6411512431291
Package Size 600 ml
Color light grey
Product Code T2431.933
EAN Code 6411512431604
Package Size 290 ml
Color oak
Product Code T2436.926
EAN Code 6411512436296
Package Size 290 ml
Color red
Product Code T2437.926
EAN Code 6411512437293
Package Size 290 ml
Color white
Product Code T2430.926
EAN Code 6411512430294
Package Size 600 ml
Color white
Product Code T2430.933
EAN Code 6411512430607
Package Size 28 kg/20 l
Color white
Product Code T2430.020
EAN Code 6411512430027
Package Size 286 kg/200 l
Color white
Product Code T2430.200
EAN Code 6411512430201


Silyl modified polymer


paste with high viscosity

Density/specific weight

approx. 1.59 kg/l


white, beige, light grey, dark grey, oak, brown, black, red

Lap shear strength

2.2 N/mm² (SS-SS)

Tensile strength

2.1 N/mm² (DIN 53504)

Elongation at break

400 % (DIN 53504)


Shore A 40


approx. 2 %


approx. 1.5 million mPas (BrookField H-Path T-F/2.5 +20 °C)

Skin time

approx. 15 min (23 °C, 50 % RH)

Curing rate

3 mm/d, approx. 10 mm/7 d (23 °C/50 % RH)

Application temperature

+1 - +40 °C

Temperature resistance when dry

-40 - +90 °C, +180 °C / 30 min


5 x 5 mm joint, approx. 12 m/cartridge

Max. joint distortion

± 10 %


18 months, unopened (+10–25 °C)

Instructions for use

Materials being used must be dust-free, dry and free from grease and oil. When gluing large uniform surfaces or surfaces in very dry conditions, we suggest spraying lightly with water (approx. 5–10 g/m²). We recommend cleaning surfaces with Kiilto Cleaner 303 and priming with Kiiltoflex Metalliprimer.

Cut open the cone at the front end of the cartridge. Screw the extrusion tip in place and cut it to appropriate size to fit the joint width. Apply adhesive using a manual or compressed air pistol, and smooth with a moistened trowel to desired shape, if needed. Close the package carefully after use. Uncured product can be removed with white spirit or acetone. Cured product can only be removed mechanically. Prevailing conditions such as air humidity and temperature, substrate’s material and humidity as well as the amount of adhesive applied have a strong impact on the skin time and drying.

Environment and safety

Avoid unnecessary skin contact and exposure with the fresh product, use safety gloves. Refer to material safety data sheet. For information on product and package disposal, visit