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Kiilto Lattialaasti DF Light

Fast, dust reduced and flexible tiling adhesive ideal for large ceramic floor tiles and stones in dry and wet areas. Jointing can be carried out as soon as after 5 hours. Also for exterior applications. C2FES1.

Special features

  • Fast, dust-reduced tiling adhesive with lightweigh filler
  • suitable also for outdoor use
  • C2FES1
  • working time approx. 1 h
  • ready for grouting: absobent substrate 5 h, non-absorbent surface 1 d
  • coverage 3–5 kg/m²


Flexible and fast drying tiling adhesive designed for fixing large ceramic tiles and stones on traditional aggregate, painted and clinker floors as well as gypsum and fibre cement boards. When tiling on a board subfloor, ensure that it is rigid enough. Flexible Kiilto Lattialaasti DF Light provides a good bond between the tiles and adhesive. Suitable to be used in combination with Kiilto waterproofing membranes. Suitable for interior and exterior use, but not for applications that are constantly under water (e.g. swimming pools).

The surfaces to be tiled must be clean, solid and free from dust. Remove water-soluble smoothing and levelling compounds. Prime dry and absorbent substrates with diluted Kiilto Start Primer or moisten with water. Boards are primed with undiluted Kiilto Start Primer. Turn off floor heating approx. 24 hours prior to tiling. When tiling on painted surface and clinker (only interior areas) ensure that the material is properly adhered to its substrate. Wax, grease and dirt must be removed from the surface to be tiled with alkaline cleaner and rinsed thoroughly. After the surface has dried, sand it and remove the sanding dust.


approx. 3 kg/m² when used a trowel with 9 mm deep notching. approx. 5 kg/m² when used a trowel with 15 mm deep notching.

Package Size

EAN Code

15 kg 6411513940150
Package Size 15 kg
EAN Code 6411513940150


polymer-aluminate cement-lightfiller-quartz powder

Bond strength

over 1.0 MPa (EN 1348)

Mixing ratio

4.5-5.5 l water / 15 kg bag

Open time

over 0.5 MPa / 30 min (EN1346)

Classifications and certificates

C2FES1, M1

Working time

Working time approx. 1 hours after adding water

Application temperature

optimal +18–20 °C, minimum +5 °C

Package sizes

15 kg bag

Substrate humidity

Concrete < 90% RH

Frost resistance


Fire class



approx. 3 kg/m² when used a trowel with 9 mm deep notching. approx. 5 kg/m² when used a trowel with 15 mm deep notching.

Max. grain size

0.5 mm


over 2.5 mm (EN 12002)


In an unopened package 6 months in dry conditions

Instructions for use

Strew powder slowly while stirring in cool, clean water until a smooth, semi-fluid mass is formed. Let the mix mature for approx. 5 min and then remix gently once. Apply the adhesive to the surface by pressing firmly and comb with a notched applicator an area that can be tiled within 10–15 minutes.

Press the tiles on the fresh adhesive properly. Tiles' position can be adjusted for 15 minutes. It is recommended to randomly remove a tile to ensure that almost the entire back of the tile is covered with the adhesive (80–90 %). When tiling outdoor areas, the coverage of tile backs must be 100 %. To make sure you get adequate coverage under tiles, the trowel should be chosen according to the tile size, tile material and the tiling surface. Remove fresh stains with water and a damp cloth. Dried mortar can be removed only mechanically.

Allows load approx. 5 hours after tiling in normal room temperature. Jointing can be carried out with Kiilto Saumalaasti / Lattiasaumalaasti after 5 hours

of laying the tiles at the earliest, on non-absorbent surfaces not earlier than after approx. 24 hours. Allow the tiling to dry for approx. 3 days before normal wear. Low temperature and high air humidity will retard the curing and drying process.

Edges of panel and board walls, joints between wall and floor tiling

and other movement joints should be jointed with Kiilto Saniteettisilikoni.

Suitable for correcting minor irregularities on the substrate prior to tiling. For corrections over 15 millimetres we recommend Kiilto floor levelling compounds.

Environment and safety

Avoid unnecessary skin contact and exposure with the fresh product, use safety gloves. Refer to the material safety data sheet. For information on product and package disposal, visit

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