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Kiilto Easyrapid DF Pikatasoite 0–5 mm

Fast-setting, dust reduced smoothing compound for floors. Patching up to 10 mm. Ready to receive a floor covering as soon as 1–2 h from levelling. No priming needed. Low alkali. Cementitious.

Special features

  • very fast-setting smoothing compound for finishing floors
  • easy to apply, paste formula
  • walkable in less than 1 h
  • coatable 1 h
  • coverage 1.1kg/m²/mm


Fast-setting smoothing compound with paste formula for the smoothing of floors at thicknesses of between 0–5 mm before laying a floor covering. For smaller areas, e.g., patching and filling, up to 10 mm. For thicker layers we recommend Maxirapid. Easyrapid DF is not recommended for subfloor smoothing under glued down parquet flooring. Thanks to new technology the product produces almost no dust during the mixing process.

The substrate must be clean, solid and firm. Remove cement laitance, paint splashes and other impurities, and brush or vacuum the floor thoroughly. Rough, uneven areas and high ridges in concrete must be sanded before carrying out the levelling. When patching, filling holes or levelling concrete, or levelling compound substrate, no priming is needed. Renovation substrates as well as board substrates must be primed with undiluted Kiilto Start Primer before smoothing.


1 mm layer/m² solid matter weighs approx. 1.1 kg (approx. 8–9 litres of screed/bag).

Package Size

EAN Code

10 kg 6411512083100
Package Size 10 kg
EAN Code 6411512083100


polymer-special cement-quartz sand-based powder


< 11 (low alkali)

Bond strength

> 1 MPa, EN 13813

Compression strength

C25 (> 25 MPa), EN 13813

Flexural strength

F6 (> 6 MPa), EN 13813


< 0.8 ‰ (23 °C, 50 % RH)

Mixing ratio

2.8–3.4 l water / 10 kg bag

Classifications and certificates

CT-C25-F6 (EN13813), M1

Working time

Approx. 15 min.

Application temperature

Optimal +18–20 °C, minimum +10 °C

Package sizes

10 kg bag

Substrate humidity

Concrete < 90 % RH


1 mm layer/m² solid matter weighs approx. 1.1 kg (approx. 8–9 litres of screed/bag).

Layer thickness

0–5 mm


Approx. 45 min

Max. grain size

Approx. 0.25 mm


1–2 h


Unopened package in a dry place 6 months.

Instructions for use

Fill the mixing container with the required amount of clean water. Strew powder while stirring in cool (+10–20 °C), clean water until a smooth, paste-like mass is formed. Apply immediately to a clean surface using a steel trowel.

The floor should be covered with a flooring relatively soon after it has hardened and dried. This will prevent the surface from over drying, cracking and becoming loose.

Not recommended for the smoothing of floors that are going to be painted.

In areas where waterproofing is used, e.g., bathroom floors, floor levelling should be applied under the waterproofing membrane.

Not suitable for areas permanently under water (e.g., swimming pools).

Note! Avoid excessive use of water!

Environment and safety

Avoid unnecessary skin contact and exposure with the fresh product, use safety gloves. Refer to material safety data sheet. For information on product and package disposal, go to

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