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Kiilto Biomelt

A biodegradable hot melt adhesive that can be used as a conventional hot melt adhesive. Makes the package 100 % compostable. Designed for different types of gluing and laminating applications in the package and disposable product manufacture.

Special features

  • Biodegradable hot melt adhesive
  • For nozzle and roller application


Kiilto Biomelt is a fully biodegradable hot melt adhesive meeting the biodegradability requirements of ISO 14855 standard. Biomelt is suitable for gluing paper, cardboard and carton in the packaging industry.


Transparent, yellowish

Softening point

82 °C (DIN 52011)


2000-3000 mPas

Open time


Application temperature

150-180 °C

Instructions for use

Suitable for nozzle or roller application.

Environment and safety

Avoid unnecessary skin contact and exposure with the fresh product, use safety gloves. For more information about the product, please refer to its specific product data sheet. For more information on product and package disposal, visit

Made in Finland, Key flag