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F 67 Silcon

Conveyor Lubricant

Silicon-based track lubricant.

Special features

  • Neutral
  • Silicon-based
  • Non-foaming
  • Works with a low dosage.
  • Does not coagulate or react harmfully with dirt containing protein, sugary drinks or grease used for lubricating tracks.
  • NSF-H2 accepted (155972)


Lubrication of conveyor tracks in the beverage industry (plastic, steel, Teflon) through a centralised track lubrication system. Suitable for the lubrication of conveyor tracks for cartons in dairies, and in the beverage industry also for disposable plastic bottle tracks. Also for the lubrication of conveyor tracks for roll containers, dollies and boxes.


Product pH 7
Solution pH 7.5

Appearance and scent

Milky liquid

Country of manufacture


Package Size

Product Code


1 x 200 l 80302   6417964803020
Package Size
Product Code 80302
GTIN 6417964803020


Store in a temperature of 5 - 35 °C. Protect from sunlight. Must not freeze.

Instructions for use

The product is recommended for use through a centralised track lubrication system.

Recommended dosage 0.2 – 0.5 % depending on application/conditions.


Does not block the nozzle tips or filters of the track lubrication system.


Ingredient Effect
Silicone emulsion (5 – 15 %) Lubricates
Glycolether (1 - 5 %) Stabilizer
Non-ionic surfactants (< 1 %) Lubricates and moisturises
NSF approval