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F 32 Trolle

Strongly Alkaline Cleaner

Strongly alkaline detergent for machine washing of roll containers, dollies and boxes in the food industry.

Special features

  • Strongly alkaline
  • Developed for machine washing.
  • Cleans efficiently without damaging dolly casters nor zinc-coated or varnished surfaces.
  • Friendly material
  • The dosage to be use can also be determined by titration.


Applications: transport boxes, dollies, trailers. Developed for machine washing in the food and professional kitchens.


Product pH 11
Solution pH 10

Appearance and scent

Clear liquid

Country of manufacture


Package Size

Product Code


1 x 20 l 60045   6417964600452
Package Size
Product Code 60045
GTIN 6417964600452


Store a dry and cool place at a temperature over 10 °C.

Instructions for use

Dose according to the machine operating instructions based on conductivity or time. Recommended dosage 0.2 – 1.0%.


Suitable for washing aluminum and other light metal surfaces.


Ingredient Effect
Anionic surfactants (< 5 %) Improves the cleaning effect
Alkylamine (< 5 %) Preservative
Polycarboxylate (< 5 %) Softens water and disperse dirt
EDTA (< 5 %) Softens water
Sodium metasilicate (< 5 %) Soapes the fat and provides corrosion protection
Sodium carbonate (5-15 %) Soapes the fat