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F 210 Hygisept


Disinfectant powder based on potassium persulphate.

Special features

  • Acidic
  • Very effective.
  • Highly soluble.
  • Effectively destroys the following microbes: bacteria, salmonella, yeasts, moulds and viruses.
  • The solution remains red as long as there is disinfection effect left.


Slaughterhouses, appliances, animal housings, footwear disinfection, cages, delivery trucks etc.


Solution pH 2.5

Appearance and scent

Reddish powder

Country of manufacture


Package Size

Product Code


6 x 1 kg 60023   6417964600230
Package Size
Product Code 60023
GTIN 6417964600230


Keep in a dry place (over 5 °C).

Instructions for use

1. Spray lightly and wipe, or spray and rinse carefully with water.

2. Footwear disinfection: Prepare 1 – 2 % solution to a footbath. Replace solution daily or when the solution is no longer red (there is no disinfection effect left).

Recommended dosage: usual dosing 1 %, prepare the solution in water.


Remember the safe use of biocides. Always read label and safety data sheet carefully before use.


Ingredient Effect
Anionic surfactants (< 5 %) Lowers the surface tension
Sulfamic acid (5-15 %) Helps the active ingredient to pass through a cell wall
Phosphates (15-30 %) Water softening agent
Potassium persulfate (> 30 %) Disinfection effect
Colouring agent For visual detection of disinfectant